I got really obsessed with Instagram for a year or so when I first discovered it. I went around taking macro shots of everything, balancing things on my dog’s head for photo opps, and generally seeing the world in little square images. Then I realized I was a bit too obsessed and took a long break from it. That was also around the time that the whole world seemed to sign on for an instagram account, and it became a super-spammy kind of environment for a while. Now I’m back on Instragram and trying to enjoy it without obsessing too much. So follow me there, and if you’re not a spammer, I’ll follow you too.

My Instagram Page: http://instragram.com/inthecityoftrees

Here are a few of my old favorite Instragram pics:

IMG_2929 IMG_3076 IMG_3181 IMG_3704 IMG_3298 IMG_2703 IMG_3411 IMG_2932 IMG_2767 IMG_3707 IMG_2818 IMG_3630 IMG_3394 IMG_2765 IMG_3083 IMG_2768 IMG_2833


(Yes, I have a very patient dog.)