The Good Sister arrived in stores yesterday, and I’m a little dazed at the idea that people are really going to be reading this book that has been such a labor of love for me for so long. People keep asking me how long it took me to write the manuscript, and I can only guess at this point. I started working on it years ago but had to stop for a few years due to life intervening. The story kept nagging at me though, and I finally had to drop everything else and finish the novel. Then came multiple rounds of revisions with my agent that took about 6 months of back and forth. If I factor in that time, I would say the book probably took a little over a year to write, though that’s just a guess. And then came another year and a half or so of selling the novel and having it go through the publication process to arrive at this point–book release week.

It’s a crazily long and drawn out process, getting a book from idea to print–one that’s definitely not for the impatient or feint of heart. Now that my book has finally had its momentous birthday, I feel like I should be frantically performing a million book promotion tasks, but I can only do so much. I am also expecting a baby to arrive any day now, and that’s taking up a bit of my attention and energy too, I have to admit!

So now that it’s here, what are you waiting for? Get your hardcover or ebook copy now at any of these retailers:

Want to read more before buying? Check out this online preview of Chapter One:

The Good Sister, Chapter One